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Storm Break, Piper's Lagoon (Diptych)

Ray Ward
Oil on board
12" x 11" for each side

Storm Break, Piper's Lagoon (Diptych)

Art Encounter: Pieter Molenaar

Until July 31st, 2015

Pieter Molenaar is an internationally known Canadian West Coast artist transplanted from The Netherlands. Molenaar admires the Old Dutch Masters, and this is reflected in his style—his colours are rich and his tones evocative. Molenaar's paintings reflect a brooding, pensive, and compelling atmosphere that is most obvious in his scenes of pending storms in rural settings, roiling waves of seascapes, and slanting light down city streets.  He uses oil exclusively since it allows him such a broad scope of expression. This is Pieter Molenaar's first major appearance on Vancouver Island. Please join us for the reception on the afternoon of Saturday, July 18th from 1pm to 4pm. Pieter Molenaar will be in attendance.

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