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Carol Gold

“My sculptures are initially created in wax and then cast into bronze. I have chosen to work with human and animal forms in order to best express my feelings about nature and the human condition. With these figures, I strive to convey a mood as well as to create a sense of motion in space. Through the years my sculpture has moved in the direction of increasing simplicity and growing integration of organic and geometric forms."

Casting my own work in bronze has enabled me to be aware of the variations that can occur at each step of the casting process that I then can incorporate into my work. The evolution of my sculptural forms has been affected by the different structural and textural possibilities inherent in the clay and the wax. Ultimately it is the unique quality of the bronze that has most profoundly influenced the direction of my work.” 


Carol Gold was born in Hartford, Connecticut and grew up on a dairy farm in western Massachusetts. Between 1956 and 1960 she studied art at Cornell University, Boston University and the Museum School in Boston, but it wasnʹt until 14 years later, when her children were old enough for her to return to sculpting full time, that her work began to develop and change. Bronze casting techniques learned at the College of Marin in 1977 and 1978 enabled Carol to build her own foundry, outside of San Francisco, CA which she operated for 12 years. This intimacy with the entire casting process profoundly affected the evolution of her sculpture. She began to think in terms of the potential of the metal and started to use wax as her creative medium rather than the clay of her initial sculptures. Simplicity is an important concern in her continuous search for forms with to best express motion and mood using the human figure and an occasional animal as subject matter. 


For the past twenty years, Carolʹs work has been widely exhibited in the U.S. and Canada. Her sculpture has received numerous awards at national exhibitions including the National Sculpture Society and the North American Sculpture Exhibition, as well as receiving public art commissions including the Bakersfield City Center Project in Bakersfield, California, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas and most recently, the Whitwood Branch of Whittier, California’s public library system as well as two public sculpture parks in Colorado and California.

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