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Don Bastian

Originals Available

Hailing from southern Alberta, Don spent childhood summers on the West Coast, where he was captivated by its beauty and dreamed of relocating to its shores. For Don, the West Coast had it all, the mystery of his beloved mountains, the ever changing coast lines, treasures delivered constantly from the sea and some of the world’s largest trees to inspire his love of wood. Don gave in to his love of the West Coast and now lives on Vancouver Island.

With an art background from the Alberta College of Art, it was natural for Don to mix his carpentry trade and experience as a display carpenter for the Hudson Bay Company with his love of art.  He creates unique wood sculptures as well as custom furniture.  Many of his pieces use driftwood, burls or re-claimed wood.  Sometimes Don will inset glass with his designs sandblasted onto the glass or he may use steel with his designs cut out of the steel.

When Don is not creating in his studio, he has been known to scour the shores from a very different view, aboard his windsurfer.

Originals Sold