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Robert Bateman - Birds

by Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman - Birds
  • Hardcover book
  • 10 x 11
  • Price: $50.00

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Perhaps more than any other Canadian, Robert Bateman has become an icon for nature lovers. His paintings, sketches and writing capture the power and beauty of the natural world in a unique and compelling way. Read about his latest book below...

 Flamingos at Ngorongoro, bald eagles on Salt Spring Island, Macaws in the rainforest: these are just a few of the birds that Robert Bateman has spent his life observing. Though he began his fascination with nature in the urban centre of Toronto watching local wildlife in the area around his house, Bateman has since travelled to the far corners of the globe to paint and sketch birds and other animals.

Bateman's birding diary, sketches and paintings are collected in his new book, Birds. Complete with full-colour paintings, detailed sketches and informative diary entries, Birdswill capture the imagination and passion of both birdwatchers and art lovers. As The Washington Post touts, "Robert Bateman's paintings and drawings...reveal a vision of the beautiful and stark possibilities of the natural world. They are compelling and haunting."