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Jeremy Humpherville And Douglas Fisher

Out On A Limb (Original Art)

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19W x 19H x 2H(inches) / 48.26 x 48.26 x 5.08(centimeters)
Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $4,800.00

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This piece depicts a tree frog hanging out on the limb of a tree. Both eyes of the frog contain the Salmon egg with the mouth, eye and nose of the Salmon visible inside the egg. The leg of the frog also has the Salmon form visible. The Salmon is a form that is a traditional building block within all Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art. The Salmon allowed the people to gather all the food for the year in a very short period of time and in doing so it gave ample time to develop a complex art form. The Frog is known as a communicator and is very approachable.