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Birds by Robert Bateman

$55.00 CAD

 This gallery edition contains a cameo print, "Downy Woodpecker," which is 6" x 6". The book contains over 200 colour images, plus black and white sketches.

Timeless Visions by Pino (Dangelico)

The newest book to be released from the internationally renowned artist, Pino. 120 colour illustrations - Now available!

Regular Edition $125.00 CAD
Deluxe Edition with Limited Edition Print $435.00 CAD
Deluxe Edition with Original 12" x 9" Drawing $4000.00 CAD

The Shores We Call Home by Carol Evans

$18.95 CAD

The Art of Carol Evans, with a forward by Arthur Black.  Paperback Book.

American Maritime Paintings of John Stobart

$195.00 CAD

A large format coffee table book with over 70 paintings illustrated in full colour. Included in this volume are early port scenes, vessels at sea, as well as a collection of on-site paintings.

The World of Sail and Steam by John Stobart

$195.00 CAD

This engaging book takes you on a voyage to beautiful ports, inland waterways and the open seas as only the rare beauty of John Stobart's paintings can.

Releasing the Light: The Art of Carol Evans

$21.95 CAD

The much-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'West Coast, Homeland of Mist', this new collection of Carol Evans' spectacular watercolours once again plays tribute to the spirit of British Columbian landscapes, lifestyles, and experiences. With an introduction, informative captions and epigraphs written by the artsit, 'Releasing the Light' is the perfect keepsake for all those who visit the West Coast or call British Columbia their home. "A celebration of this magnificent land"
Soft cover

West Coast, Homeland of Mist: The Art of Carol Evans

$21.95 CAD

This quality book with over fifty full colour images, features Carol Evans' exquisite watercolour paintings from over seven years, depicting our coast lifestyle and environment.
Soft cover

Contemporary Realism by Pino (Dangelico)

$125.00 CAD

 A coffee table art book by Pino, including 128 pages of Pino's work with 80 colour plates.

Jia Lu by Geoffrey Bonnycastle

$75.00 CAD

The long-awaited book on Jia Lu is at last available. The most representative of Jia Lu's oil paintings have been collected into this 168 page deluxe art book covering the artist's entire career. Beautifully designed and lavishly filled with 129 full colour illustrations, this is the first edition of the only book ever published on the work of Jia Lu.

A Retrospective of Limited Editions by Robert Bateman

$24.95 CAD

 Volume IV, from 1992-2003.
A paperback book containing over 200 colour plates of Robert Bateman's limited editions. Volume I & II are still available, Volume III is sold out.