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Art Encounter: Demonstration by Gail Johnson

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Gail spent her formative years in New York state with an avid interest in art since her teen years at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica NY. She attended Boston University, and later moved to Canada to take art courses at Toronto's Central Technical School and Ontario College of Art. Marriage brought Gail to Vancouver Island, where she furthered her art education at Malaspina University in Nanaimo. She began painting full time in 2001 and received immediate success with her unique style. It seems to us that the trees, flowers and rocks in Gail's paintings are dancing or listening to music and they are very happy and content. It is our great pleasure to host a demonstration by Gail Johnson. Please join us on Saturday, September 26th from 1pm to 4pm. 

  • Bring The Sunshine

    Bring The Sunshine
    by Gail Johnson
    48 x 36(inches) / 121.92 x 91.44(centimeters)