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Sophisticated Symmetry

Jerry Markham Oil on Board 12" x 24"

Sophisticated Symmetry


SAT, September 23rd, 1 - 4pm

"Impressions" - Martin Budny Solo Show (September 23 - October 7, 2017)

Opening: SAT, September 23, 1 - 4pm, Artist in Attendance, Wines and Refreshments

"My painting practice is driven by an enthusiam for self expression combined with the desire for self knowledge. I'm drawn to the intuition of Fauvism, joy of folk art (Central and Eastern European), and the pleasure of a well balanced Japanese flat picture plane. The works are inspired by a desire to channel and aestheticize our inner world, make sense out of contemporary life and reflect a need for something more meaningful, something that brings out the JOY in our daily routine." - Martin Budny

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In April 2014, Peninsula Gallery was passed on from its founding owners, Larry and Gillian Hanlon, to new owner Ying Tang and manager Jonathan Jia, both diverse individuals of international expertise who have combined their passions for art to see Peninsula Gallery into a new phase of its dynamic life.

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