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Jeremy Humpherville And Douglas Fisher

Going Home (Original Art)

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Fiddleback Maple
24W" x 24H" x 2D" / 60.96cm x 60.96cm x 5.08cm

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This piece is the Salmon as they return to their streams to pass life on to another generation. The Salmon is such a large part of why the people who first came to the coast were able to flourish and develop such a unique art form. It is said that at one time you could walk across the streams on the backs of Salmon when they came into spawn. This abundance of food allowed for the villages to grow up and down the Coast of BC. The Salmon could be caught and dried for the years supply in as little as two weeks allowing time to develop a rich culture and art. The two Salmon top and bottom in this piece have the eggs in their bellies and all three Salmon are surrounded by the currents as they travel up their home stream. The Salmon means abundance, fertility, prosperity and renewal.