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Kathryn Amisson

Beyond The Darkness (Original Art)

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Acrylic Mixed Media
30"" x 30"" / 76.20cm x 76.20cm

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Bidding takes place March 2 - 7, 2021 online during CNIB's Bridging Barriers online Bridge Tournament

The fair market value of the painting is $2,700


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In the face of today's pandemic, the challenges of living with blindness have become even more complex. Imagine not being able to see what six feet apart looks like. Where the arrows on the floor are pointing. How many people are in the elevator. We are suddenly living in a touchless society and for those with sight loss, it raises a whole new set of barriers to overcome. But through your support we can fund much needed programs, including an urgently increased need for CNIB Guide Dogs. Join us in creating a barrier free community, where every individual, regardless of vision loss, is able to fully participate in the world around them. It is why we are calling our event "Bridging Barriers".