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Robert Bateman (Originals)

Snow Leopard (Original Art)

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Original Lithograph Printed in Two Colours
27.625" x 44.25" / 68.58cm x 111.76cm

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Year 1989

Edition AP 14/29

The remarkable thing about the snow leopard is the world in which it lives. The high, remote Himalayan mountains are some of the most rugged and hostile environments on the planet. Very little is known about the snow leopard in the wild; study of the animal is particularly difficult because of the lack of opportunity to observe it. The best prospects to date have been trapping and radio-collaring a few individuals which are then tracked by receivers. Field observations, however, are few and far between. The anatomy of the snow leopard is perfectly suited to this habitat. The dense, woolly fur, widely set eyes for good binocular vision of distant objects and, the most unique feature, the especially long tail. Because of all the changes in elevation when making a charge on one of the mountain sheep or goats it preys upon, the snow leopard must do a lot of leaping up or down cliffs or from rock to rock. The tail is necessary as a balancing mechanism for these wild acrobatics.