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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Elephant Cow and Calf (Print)

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Renaissance Edition Giclee Canvas; Edition Size 180
27" x 42" / 68.58cm x 106.68cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $1,150.00

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One of the very special things about elephants is their sense of family. Elephant society is matriarchal and is generally ruled by one of the older and wiser cows. I have seen a herd rally around a wounded member, showing great courage and loyalty in an attempt to protect one of their own from harm. Herds are usually composed of females and young. Sometimes bulls are tolerated for a time, depending on their attitude. As the young males mature and become more troublesome, they are rejected by the herd. Then they wander around alone or in small bachelor groups.

In this painting, I wanted to show an unremarkable mother elephant facing a potential threat with her trusting calf at her side. In the foreground is a trampled termite mound. The viewer might notice that the grass near the fallen tree is not trampled; no animals would walk or feed in that area because the tree is in the way.