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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Autumn Overture – Moose (Print)

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Anniversary Giclee Canvas; Edition Size 250
30 x 48 / 76.20cm x 121.92cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $1,400.00

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“As the days shorten with the coming of winter, the leaves have mostly fallen, but the grasses still glow gold and green. While much life is slowing down, the moose is becoming his most vigorous.

This bull is making his way along the edge of a dam when his nostrils tell him of the presence of a cow, a potential mate. Perhaps he has heard her mating call. He will fiercely rebuff any intruder, be it other moose or man, at this time of year.

Moose enjoy the wet lowlands which are made even more attractive to them by the work of beavers. Beaver dams cause flooding, and their shallow ponds
are perfect for the aquatic plants that are favored in the diet of the moose.”