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Sandy Terry

Three Graces (Original Art)

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Acrylic on Deep Canvas
30" x 70" / 76.20cm x 177.80cm
Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $7,350.00

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Ancient Greek Literature proposes the Three Graces were daughters of Zeus and the sea nymph, Eurynome. According to the Greek poet, Pindar, these charming goddesses were created to fill the world with pleasant moments, benevolence and to bestow particular gifts on humanity. Legends vary, but the gifts that spoke to me were the gifts of elegance and charm from Aglaia, joyfulness from Euphrosyneand blooming beauty from Thalia. To me,their gifts ofelegance, joyfulness and beauty are metaphorically mirrored in these antique coloured roses. 

The essence of this painting is my gift to all of you as we embrace our worlds slow return to a new normal.