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Mark Hobson (Prints)

Bald Eagle: On Closer Inspection (Print)

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Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas
26" x 20" / 66.04cm x 50.80cm
Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $800.00

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Released 2004

In rain-drenched December the coastal estuaries of southern B.C. are nearing the end of the annual salmon runs. Many animals, from bears to Steller’s Jays gorge themselves on the bounty of dead and dying salmon. As the intense activity of feasting winds down many of the salmon carcasses are washed downstream where they are sometimes hung up in the logs and debris at low tide. Bald Eagles get through the lean winter months by searching along the waterline for the bodies of spent salmon which is what I have depicted in this scene from Watta Creek in Clayoquot Sound.

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