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Mark Hobson (Prints)

Sea Otters: Breakfast On The High Seas (Print)

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Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas
18" x 32" / 45.72cm x 81.28cm
Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $800.00

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Released 2017

Travelling by kayak is a wonderful way to view the marine world. With long stretches of time to observe the rise and fall of the swells, I have painted a number of pieces depicting the open ocean as seen from the waterline. This painting is as much about reflections and the way light shines through the kelp fronds as it is about sea otters. Many years ago I had an extraordinary experience with a wild sea otter that spent the day with me, travelling along side my kayak like a friendly puppy. The reference photos I shot that day have been used many times and were again extremely useful in this piece where getting the wet fur to look accurate was of particular importance.