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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Winter Mist – Great Horned Owl (Print)

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Renaissance Giclee Canvas, 180 Edition
33" x 20" / 83.82cm x 50.80cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $895.00

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38″ x 23″, Renaissance Giclee Canvas, 180 Edition, $1195.00 U.S. suggested retail

“Most of my paintings are reconstructed from a variety of experiences and sources.
But this incident actually took place outside our dining room window. It was on a foggy
day during a midwinter thaw. “This is the time of year when great horned owls do much
of their territorial hooting. Because it takes a long time for such a large owl to reach
maturity they must begin nesting during the snows of late winter. Although they normally
hoot at night, this particular day was so dull that a pair of them were actively flying
and hooting outside our house. This vocalization accounts for the thrusting pose with
the throat patch fluffed out.

“At first I painted this bird on a large interesting stump. However, in spite of the hours
spent doing the texture of the stump, it gave the bird a posed, almost stuffed look.
So I scraped down all my work and put in the diagonal branch to give it a dynamic thrust.
The clump of beech leaves at the top of the picture is to emphasize the same effect.”

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