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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Tadpole Time (Print)

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Renaissance Giclee Canvas Edition,Edition Size 180 s/n and 40 A/P’s
12" x 18" / 30.48cm x 45.72cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $595.00

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“All of us have been children, some a short time ago, some in a more distant past. When we think of those
childhood years, most of us can picture a day in May when the whole world was wonderful. May seems to
fit with childhood. It is a time of birth, burgeoning growth, tender shoots and the exuberant activity in
nature. I grew up on a ravine which was a migration route for birds. The air would be full of song, the
plum trees in blossom and the buds of leaves bursting, the centerpiece of the ravine was, of course,
the creek. In those days it was unpolluted and sported a healthy population of frogs.

There is no better way to observe the facts of life than to witness the life history of the frog. It is a
relatively brief story and yet easy to follow at every stage. the mating loudly announced and quite
exuberant, the eggs are not only obvious, but are transparent. the frog larvae are sometimes
called ” pollywogs” or ‘ tadpoles.” You can watch them iggling hatched baby frog. By putting some
eggs in a jar of water or an aquarium, one can watch all of this at close range and go on to see
the tadpole grow his legs, lose his tail and develop his jaws. Then ” presto” you have a frog.
This graphic story parallels the development of a human being from egg to adult and is a brief
recapitulation of the evolution of vertabrate animals from a single-celled organism.”

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