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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Riverbank Retreat – Bobcat (Print)

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Offset Paper; Edition Size 950
17" x 23" / 43.18cm x 58.42cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $175.00

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17 x 23; Canvas Collection; Edition Size 350; $395.00 U.S.

“It has been said that a tough man could ” lick his weight in bobcats.” That is one old saying
that has not a particle of possibility. Even one bobcat would be more than a handful. Weighing
only 15-25 lbs. , a bobcat is a bundle of power and agility. However, like most domestic cats this
wild animal spends much of it’s time in almost complete relaxation. Bobcats have few favorite
perches where they can rest, yet have a good view of possible prey or danger. Such is this
perch on an embankment, partially shielded by palm fronds and grasses.”