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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Old Fort Tiger (Print)

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Giclee Canvas – 180 edition
24" x 36" / 60.96cm x 91.44cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $995.00

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“India is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. It is a feast for the eye and the mind for anyone interested in nature or culture. It abounds in birds and other wildlife and of course has civilizations going back for many centuries.
The tiger is the symbolic mammal of wild India. Other tiger populations in Asia are extinct or near extinction. Although tigers in India are declining at a rapid rate due to habitat loss and poaching, India is the best place in the world to see them in the wild. Most tourists who try to see tigers in the wild either don’t succeed or maybe see one or two. On a birding/tiger trip in 2001, however, my wife Birgit and I had great luck. We saw 15 tigers in four different national parks. The most spectacular piece of luck was to find a mother tiger and two large cubs resting near a wall of an ancient fort.
This was in Ranthambore Park, a vast wild area which has been visited by tourists since the days of the British Raj. Therefore the animals paid us no heed. When we returned to the spot a few hours later after doing some birding, one of the cubs had climbed to the top of the wall and was sound asleep. This was the perfect picture of feline confidence and relaxation.”