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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Lion Head (Print)

Artist's page

Original Lithograph; Edition Size 350
9.875" x 11.875" / 22.86cm x 27.94cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $245.00

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“The “king of beasts” is a legend in his own mind. He must be king, and he
must fight to prove it. Hunting is essential, but for him it is a sideline left to the
females. More oft than not, the lionesses make the kill, and the lion regularly
attempts, using his weight and strength, to beat them off the choicest bits. He
has to chase and bluff and perhaps attack other males who attempt to move in
on his pride of ” wives.” At times, even mating turns into a battle. But the really
serious warfare is against hyenas.

These are the ultimate enemies of all lions. Not as expert at killing for their food,
hyenas often even take advantage of a lion kill, and if they significantly outnumber
the lions, the hyenas can take over the food. Most lions don’t die of old age.
When they are too old to keep their place in the pride they become isolated and
weaker, and the hyenas seem delighted to finish them off.
This old warrior has particpated in uncounted adventures. Each scar marks an
event which could have been life-threatening. But the light in his eye shows that
he has plenty more life in him yet… if he is lucky.”