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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Frosty Morning Blue Jay (Print)

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ClasArt Edition of 350
20" x 15.875" / 50.80cm x 38.10cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $895.00

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“One of the most attractive rogues in the bird world is the blue jay. All members
of the jay and crow family are both bold and sly. They are all aggressive
opportunists and will even rob other birds’ food or nests. They are also, however,
clever about their own safety and are very alert to hide or flee when threatened.”
“I have placed this bird in a young white pine. Sometimes moisture laden,
warm air moves north into the wintry landscape. At night, the temperature
may drop to below freezing, leaving a frosty coating on most of the objects
in the landscape. Morning reveals the world as a temporary fairyland. One or
two hours of full sun melts and evaporates the frozen covering, and the
world is back to normal.”