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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Fluid Power Orca (Print)

Artist's page

Original Lithograph; Edition Size 290
22" x 30" / 55.88cm x 76.20cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $2,500.00

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“When I think of the orca, I think of power. The whale is on the most powerful
creatures of the sea. I decided to give this original print a big, bold, ominous
feeling. If you were diving or in a small boat and you saw this orca rushing at
you, you might wonder if you were going to be the first human in recorded
history to be attacked. I wanted to show the big, black, bulbous, prow-like
head of the orca and the towering fin, which can be taller than a man on
the big, dominant bull orcas. I wanted to show the swirl of the water
because he’s moving quite quickly, and he’s moving right toward you.”