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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Family Gathering – Lioness and Cubs (Print)

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Paper Print, 650 Edition
17.5" x 26.25" / 43.18cm x 66.04cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $185.00

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(24″ x 36″, Giclee Canvas, 180 Edition, $1095.00 U.S. suggested retail)

“Next to humans the lion pride is world famous for its “family values”. In fact, although some humans are loners and others, I am told, do not get along with their families, the family group in lions is essential to survival. Another difference is that the lion pride is usually mostly females and young, often with one male around for protecting territory and to father further generations.
Since lion prides in African game parks are mostly oblivious to tourists, they are easy to observe. Their affection for each other is obvious and especially noticeable when a member of the pride rejoins the group. Almost inevitably the wanderer will approach other pride members and bump foreheads. It seems to echo our quick social hugs. If you do not get the chance to go to Africa, I suggest you watch this behaviour on television.
I invented this scene, as I often do, from many sources. I wanted to recreate the moment in late afternoon when the lionesses are waking up from their heat of day siesta and checking the landscape for possible prey for dinner.”