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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Cardinal and Sumac – Premier Edition (Print)

Artist's page

350 Edition, $650.00 Suggested Retail. Consists of Cardinal and Sumac Print and Male Cardinal Original Lithograph
8.25" x 10" / 20.32cm x 25.40cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $650.00

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“One of the ideas behind Cardinal and Sumac was inspired by a Smithsonian Museum display of an authentic
East Indian village, complete with villagers going about their daily business. I was strolling through when, all
of a sudden, a villager wearing a flaming red turban walked past a rich, terra cotta-colored wall. I was struck
by the red-on-red vision – it just sizzled. I knew then, I would someday paint a cardinal in sumac. Most
North Americans have the opportunity to see cardinals in their own backyards. The cardinal, however
exotic in color, is one of our most familiar favorites. I like the idea of the cardinal as a representative
for Earth Day; it is appropriate that a backyard favorite represent our need to incorporate
environmental action into our own backyards.”