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Robert Bateman (Prints)

By The River (Print)

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Canvas Collection; Edition Size 180
24" x 36" / 60.96cm x 91.44cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $795.00

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(45 x 68; Showstopper Canvas; Edition Size 50; $4800.00 U.S.)

“There are so many things about elephants that are special that many books have been
written on the topic. Their large size, extaordinary ears and versatile trunks are unique in
the animal kingdom. But it is possibly their brains that are most significant. The saying
goes that ” elephants never forget ” and there are many , many stories of elephants
remembering and recognizing people after numbers of years. Their social structures
and family relationships are probably as deep as those of humans.

The older females, considered to be the wisest, are the individuals that rule the herd.
They raise and teach and protect their young with what can only be called loving care.
This is the feeling I wanted to show in this painting. The visual elements are
interconnected to illustrate the close connection of the herd. There is an
elegant ponderousness to their movements.

Their slow swaying is like the low rhythms of cello and bass in a symphony orchestra.
Although I saw this actual grouping in a brilliant flat light at high noon, I chose to change
the light and color to a rich and subdued hue in keeping with the quiet comfort of the
domestic life of the herd.”

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