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Robert Bateman (Prints)

At The Cliff Bobcat (Print)

Artist's page

Offset Paper; Edition Size 3500
21.75" x 29.75" / 53.34cm x 73.66cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $325.00

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“Safely stationed in an imposing rock crevice, the bobcat keeps watch over its territory. Relying primarily on its sense of sight and hearing to pinpoint potential prey, the bobcat has chosen a sylvan spot on this mossy platform. A solitary animal, except during mating season, this rather small wild cat is quite aggressive, sometimes taking prey as large as deer. The bobcat is also highly adaptable, illustrated by its extensive North American range, and exploits a gamut of climates and terrains, including swamplands, forests, deserts and mountainous regions. At the Cliff is a painting that celebrates the diversity of texture: rock, lichen, moss, fern, ice, snow and, of course, fur, which, in itself, displays a variety of mottling and coloring. Aside from the variety of elements and surfaces that excite both the visual and tactile senses, I was particularly attracted by the sculptural qualities in this cliff face and by the interplay of triangular shapes I found there. At center, I placed the looming inverted rock wedge and carried the triangular theme throughout the elements of the painting; to this end, with its ruffs of fur extending downward from its ears to its jowls, the anatomy of the bobcat was obliging.”

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