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James Wood

Midnight Meditator - The Warriors Path (Original Art)

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23.25(H)" x 16" x 6.25" / 58.42cm x 40.64cm x 15.24cm
Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $3,500.00

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"After finding this beautiful piece of marble at the local stone yard this is the vision I saw to release from the stone.  

In the Bön tradition of Buddhism there is what is known as the five warrior syllables.  They are known as the warrior syllables because they are indestructible.  They are also associated with the five wisdoms.  These wisdoms are able to cut through fear and ignorance and cut the root of samsara.  Here in my carving they are written in Tibetan and from top to bottom they are pronounced Ah Om Hung Ram Dza.

A practitioner will sign each of these syllables numerous times and at the same time focus on the corresponding chakra and request blessings for it to be opened and purified.

A lot of of suffering and the illness that it creates can be reduced or eliminated by singing mantras, meditating, creating mindfulness and bringing the light of awareness to our true nature and see these delusions for what they are."

James Wood

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