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Deborah Tilby (SFCA, OPAM)

Setting Sail (Original Art)

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Oil on Panel
18" x 18" / 45.72cm x 45.72cm

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I lived in England for 14 years quite a while ago and so enjoy it when I am able to get back there.  A few years ago I took myself to Ireland and England on a 3 month painting trip.  I spent 3 weeks painting in and around the village of Rye, which has a tidal river running through it.  All the boats moored along its banks must time their departure and arrival carefully.  On this morning, the tide had come in and quite a few of the big fishing vessels and small sailing boats were heading out.  Of course that wonderful red sail caught my eye!  The red against the green is a great colour combination, balanced by the two blue boats on either side and I deliberately allowed the boats at the edges to be loosely painted so as not to draw the eye.  The whites form a triangle keeping the focus on the central boat.

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