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Robert Bateman (Originals)

Spirit Bear (Original Art)

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Original Lithograph
10" x 25" / 25.40cm x 63.50cm

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Edition: #3/290

The spirit bear, with its white or creamy golden coat, is a subspecies of the black bear. According to native Tsimshian legend, the mythological raven created the spirit bear as a living reminder of the glaciers that once covered the ancient homelands. The present day land of the bear is the picture of northwestern paradise. Towering forests of cedar, spruce and hemlock rise above deep turquoise fjords with plunging waterfalls. Serene rivers wind through flowering meadows. These waters teem with salmon in spawning season. The spirit bear, sometimes known as the kermode bear, is found mainly in the area of Princess Royal Island on the coast of British Columbia. It is hoped that this wilderness will remain untouched by any human development. Anyone fortunate enough to visit this piece of paradise will feel the deep sense of spirituality connecting us with the roots of creation. I have been there once. And if I never return, it is good to know that it will continue in its purity and perfection.