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Gail Sibley

Strips and Checks (Original Art)

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Unison Colour on UART 400
12" x 8" / 30.48cm x 20.32cm
Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $600.00

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I’ve been wanting to do this for sometime (my thumbnail for it was done last October). My hesitation was around the regularity of the stripes of this painting by Gene Davis in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts which I’d visited in March 2020 just as the pandemic was announced. I was attracted by the figure, stopped mid-track. So I decided just to go for it. I think the irregularity of the pastel stripes gives interest. I contrasted them with checks in the woman’s shirt.
Gene Davis, “Jasmine Sidewinder #91,” 1969, acrylic, 116 x 59 in, Utah Museum of Art, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.