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Art Encounter: Ray Ward in Gallery on Saturday September 16th

September 16 - October 7, 2023

We are very excited that Ray Ward will be coming down from Nanaimo again this Saturday September 16th. He will be in our gallery from 11am to 2pm. For all of you that have been longing for Ray's paintings, there will be a portfolio of gorgeous new pieces hanging in our gallery’s spotlight section until Saturday October 7. I want to thank Mitchell for framing all of them up beautifully as well!

On the other hand, we have been collecting raffle tickets for Tower of Song concert tickets, Ray will be drawing the ticket while he is in the gallery and winner will be called. 


"The Good Life" Series by Gail Johnson

August 21 - September 15, 2023

"In this collection of paintings, I have added several new works to my ongoing "The Good Life" series, which often is inspired by treasured objects from my home, vivid flowers in vases, and fruit and vegetables which strongly reference my many years of organic farming. The more abstract floral landscapes seem to just emerge from the canvas on their own, and are rendered totally from memories of working in those expansive fields. I desire my work to be easily accessible, to reflect a sense of the goodness in life and to impart a sense of wholesome joy into their new homes.

Oil or Acrylic paint on canvas provide inexhaustible opportunities for me to express these feelings, often using bold compositions and saturated colour. I love to "push paint" around, exploring what will materialize on the canvas in a magical combination of intention and serendipity.

Ever fasinating for me is paint's ready willingness to render such beauty - and its ability to transform instantly at the slightest touch of my brush -- like liquid thought."

-- Gail Johnson


Art Encounter: Richard McDiarmid Haida Gwaii Portfolio

August 1 - August 19, 2023

Richard's Haida Gwaii paintings always appealed to me and I think because I can feel the spirit of the totem poles in them. It is the "Qi" that rises around the totem poles according to Richard, who also practices Taichi. I have to make to Haida Gwaii one day to experience it myself but for now we invited Richard to show his depictions of the area. 


Art Encounter: Kylee Turunen New Portfolio

July 11 - July 31, 2023

If summer is too hot for you, be sure to stop in our gallery’s spotlight section. We have a new collection of Kylee Turunen paintings that brought a calm and cool breeze into our gallery. It was the first time I met Kylee in person when she delivered those paintings. I am very happy to get the opportunities to ask her a lot of questions in regards to her artistic journey and personal goals. It feels awesome to stand behind young artist like Kylee!


Art Encounter: "Echoes" - Mel Williamson Solo

June 3 - June 23, 2023

Mel Williamson is very passionate about classic art, she cried when viewing a painting by John Singer Sargent at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Two years ago she put together a fresh portfolio of female and male nudes which expanded our gallery’s vision. This Saturday, we will put on another new portfolio created by Mel that was inspired by the masters she admires.

Here is what she wrote about the portfolio:

Self-doubt is a running theme for all artists, I'm sure. I had an acute episode one day in April. While searching for reference images online, I stumbled across the website for a factory that creates thousands of replicas of famous artworks, and started to wonder if my whole idea for this show was crazy. 

But I sat down with an art book (which usually helps) and opened it, randomly, to a page showing John Singer Sargent's copy of a Velazquez painting (one that I had seen and loved in Madrid). I was reminded that artists before me (my heroes, in fact) had studied THEIR heroes!

I felt reassured, and was back on track. The point was not to slavishly COPY, but to deeply study, as a way to find and share of myself.  Back to the easel I went, with renewed resolve and my headphones on with extra loud music (for bravery). A song I'd never heard before came on, also randomly, with shockingly suitable lyrics:

“I am just a shadow of a shadow of a shadow
Always tryin' to catch up with myself

I am just an echo of an echo of an echo
Listening to someone's cry for help...

Why all the change of heart?
You need to play your part
A copy of a copy of a..."

See, I'm not the only one
A copy of a copy of a..."


Art Encounter: The Canadian Landscape Portrayed by Philip Buytendorp

May 13 - June 2, 2023

I sold a painting on my first day at our gallery 9 years ago and it was Philip Buytendorp’s “Red Shed #2”. The sale of it was so smooth without me even speaking proper English yet. The nostalgic painting sold itself! It was a wonderful beginning for my journey with the gallery.

Phil’s paintings are very “Canadian”, which I realized by reading extensively on contemporary Canadian art history and viewing paintings by Tom Thomson, Emily Carr and Group of Seven. For myself, I enjoyed the elements that very often found in Phil’s paintings: lively trees, rocks, tree stumps, monster clouds and lonely shed.

I am very happy to be able to accumulate a portfolio of Buytendorp paintings. They will be available for viewing in the spotlight section of our gallery May 13 – June 2. We look forward to your visit!


Hit the Ground! Introducing Dallas Segno

April 22 - May 12, 2023

When I asked Dallas Segno about his name, which does not sound real to me and indeed turned out to be pseudonym, he said little. His reply is a short sentence: Mystery is rare these days.

The young man did a lot! Music, film, cartoons, wall art, architecture and digital design, there is no limit to Dallas’s reach. It is rare these days to meet a young person who does not use social media, who perhaps has already figured out the meaning of life?

We are very happy to invite this special young man to join our wonderful stable of artists. Dallas’s papercut pieces are thought provoking and should be brought in front of a broader audience. He will join us in the gallery on Saturday April 29 for a drink and will be available to chat.


Art Encounter: Deborah Tilby Forever Classic Continues

April 1 - 21, 2023

Deborah Tilby is a true painter's painter. She stakes out territory of unique artistic qualities and her way influences and inspires many other painters of today. We know because many artists visit our gallery throughout the year, I like to ask them whose works they like and Deborah Tilby is almost always on top of the list. We interrupted our preplaned show schedule and insert this spotlight for Deborah because we recently received an exceptionally strong portfolio of new paintings from her! The display starts Saturday April 1 and Deborah will join us for a drink on Saturday April 15th. 


Art Encounter: Introducing Josephine Fletcher

March 4 - 31, 2023

After viewing a painting by Josephine Fletcher that stood out from the crowd from an online art show, we began searching for her where about and finally found her on Salt Spring Island after some great effort and luck.

Josephine Fletcher was brought up on the island of Hornby nurtured by a group of artists. Encouraged by her family and other prominant artists of the Hornby set, she left for the Banff School of Fine Art at seventeen on a Tuition Scholarship. Then a year later studying for four years at the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver graduating with a diploma of Fine Arts.

Josephine loves the use of colour in its many varying sequences. For her, it is a life time study. After more than 40 years of full time painting, her expression of colour is effortless. Her paintings are very often plein air and completed entirely outside in nature without any further fine tuning back in the studio. One has to stand in front of her actual painting to experience her determined and passionate execution of brush strokes. She also paints powerful abstracts that were inspired by the works of Pierre Soulages.

This very special spotlight will begin on Saturday March 4. Josephine will be at the gallery to join you from 11 PM to 2 PM that day. We hope that you can be here to meet this wonderful artist and enchanted by her most recent portfolio.


2022 Santa's Chest

December 6 - 23, 2022

Happy Holidays! We are so excited to receive more than 100 small pieces to fit into Santa's Chest this Christmas! The entire week of unwrapping, framing and hanging all of these new works on the wall has been a great joy. We hope that you will feel the same when you browse through our gallery. Painting images and information will be available for viewing online during the week of December 5th.


Sidney by the Seagulls as seen by Sheena Lott

December 6 - 23, 2022

Multi-award-winning artist Sheena Lott enjoyed over 30 years of successful fine art career and she has been a Sidney resident for all this time. In this spotlight, we will showcase several ink and watercolour paintings from her popular Sidney by the Seagulls series, as well as other watercolour paintings that Sheena is most known for. Feel free to drop in and browse!


Capturing the Soul - Clement Kwan

October 15 - November 5, 2022
Several years ago, I saw a gorgeous cityscape painting at Sidney Fine Art Show. When I took a closer look, I was surprised that it was painted by Clement Kwan, who is very well known for his figurative paintings. When Clement stopped into the gallery several days later, I said to him: I didn't know that you can paint cityscape so well. Clement replied: of course, when you can paint portrait well, you can paint anything!
What makes Clement's paintings stand out is his ability to not just capturing the likeness but also the soul of his subject and the atmosphere. His goal is to "express happiness", so his paintings are exquisitely filled with light, colour, joy and movement.
In this spotlight, we compiled a portfolio of Clement Kwan's 14 most recent paintings. The spotlight runs from October 15 - November 5. We look forward to your visit. If you can not visit our gallery in person, the images of the paintings will be available for viewing online on Wednesday October 19.

Art Encounter: Ray Ward in our gallery Saturday September 16 from 10am to 2pm

September 17 - October 14, 2022

This is the first time for more than 8 years that Ray Ward will be in our gallery to meet and greet with customers and answer any questions you may have for him. If you love the way that Ray captures the fleeting light or the ever changing skies in his paintings, please take the opportunity to meet this master. Ray will also bring with him a new portfolio of 11 paintings! All new images will be uploaded on our website soon.


Art Encounter: Deborah Tilby Forever Classic

August 11 - September 3

Deborah Tilby has been at her easel for close to 50 years. One feels immersed in the soft atmosphere standing in front of any Tilby painting, no matter how small it is. Her paintings are beautifully executed with gentle complementary hues and minimal areas of deep value. Loosely rendered, the impressionistic brush strokes are unbelievably precise. One brush stroke, there is a tree. Another, a cloud. In this spotlight, we compiled a portfolio of Deborah Tilby's most recent paintings. We look forward to your visit. The spotlight runs from August 11 to September 3.


Art Encounter: Jim Park - Windows into a Natural World

July 13 - August 6

Jim Park captures an infinity of natural details in a single frame creating images that appear to be ever moving and ever changing, much like the seas, lakes and forests which the artist paints. Park’s works are windows into a natural world that we all long to pull in a little closer. The realism of the artist’s work combined with the smallness of the highlighted scope draws viewers into pieces that become thriving with sound; one can almost hear the crashing of the sea, the gentle babble of calmer waters or the wind gently blowing through trees and mountains. Utilizing cool, haunting hues or warm, enveloping tones Park expertly captures the evocative serenity of the sea, the chameleon like quality of water and the endless swirling surface of a marine world.  Foam, spray, surf and light are perfectly juxtaposed in the artist’s almost mosaic like renditions of coastal beauty and landscapes. We created a Jim Park space in the gallery for you to view his latest works! 


Art Encounter: Haida Gwaii Revisited by Richard McDiarmid

July 13 - August 6

In the year 2000 a group of nine artists including Alan Wylie, Mike Svob, Richard McDiarmid and Michael O'Toole started a series of annual painting expeditions along the rugged B.C. West Coast including Haida Gwaii, painting on location in settings, often accessible only by boat or seaplane. These were “voyages of inspiration” and the camaraderie and shared experiences, resulted in many location paintings as well as continued studio works that followed. It is with gratitude that I acknowledge, this experience was made possible by a Haida friend, his wife and son and their seventy-five foot converted fishing vessel. Now in 2022, Richard McDiarmid still reflects on this inspirational visit and the current showing of small works revisits some of the experiences.


Art Encounter: Kylee Turunen's West Coast

June 11 - July 8

Kylee Turunen’s works caught my eyes when I first moved to the island some years ago. At the time she was painting our west coast in realism style. Now she juxtaposes abstraction with realism. The organic curves and soft blending create harmony within a piece, and the end result are serene paintings that evoke the beauty of our West Coast.


Art Encounter: Kathryn Amisson Colourful Memories

May 7 - May 31

It is the 44th year in Kathryn Amisson's journey as a professional artist, during which she never stopped challenging herself and transform.  As one of the original thirteen artists invited to the long-celebrated Painters @ Painter’s event in Campbell River, she painted alongside the likes of Ted Harrison, Alan Wylie and Robert Genn.  It has been a remarkable journey since she started her art career as a framer for artist Peter Shostak, to becoming a pet portraitist, mastering the medium of Pastel, to moving on to Acrylic allowing her to paint grand views, leading the way to her current colourful impressionistic style. In this highly anticipated show, Kathryn will reveal 10 of her newest pieces. Join us for Kathryn's demo in the gallery on Saturday May 14, 21, 28 from 11am to 2pm.


Art Encounter: Gail Sibley Gallery Goers

April 9 - April 30

Original art offers an exchange of energy between the viewer and the art. In the gallery goer series, Gail Sibley explores and unfolds the unconscious connection between viewer and a master piece. Gail finds those interesting moments during her museum visits. We hope that the world will steadily go back to normal so that Gail can visit more world class museums and observes, one of her most favourite activities!


Introducing the Kajdaszs

March 8 - April 2

We are very happy to host a spotlight show for Marie Kajdaszs and Eduard Kajdasz. Marie is a fibre artist, her well of inspiration contains influences such as children’s literature, studies in art history and design, and world travel. Ed defines his art as a visual song in a style that applies a whimsical twist to reality. Both Marie and Ed's images invite the viewer to participate in a dialogue that encourages them to create their own stories. The spotlight will end on Saturday April 2nd. 


Art Encounter: Mel Williamson and Passion For Paint

February 5 - March 4

Mel Williamson's success and recognition have been growing steadily since winning
“Best Work on Canvas” in 2013 at the Sidney Fine Art Show, her first
ever juried event. 
She is in love with the creamy nature of oil paint. She allows her process to show because she wants to share the experience with the viewer. She often uses large brushes or even spatulas and have experimented with smoother substrates, including aluminum and synthetic paper, to exaggerate the sensual properties of oil paint. From February 5th until March 4th, we invite you to view a new profolio of 17 nude human figure oil paintings created by Mel Williamson.


Introduction: Monica Maya and Catherine Robertson

November 6 - November 27

We will be rehanging half of our gallery to host an introduction show for local artists Monica Maya and Catherine Robertson. Monica Maya is a talented fiber artist specializing in felt designs that are a fusion of Latin American representations with that of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Catherine Robertson just turned 80 years old, she has been a practicing professional artist and an art teacher for most of her life and this is the first time she decided to show her own paintings in a gallery. All images of the works being exhibited will be available online on Wednesday November 10th. The show will continue until Saturday November 27.


Art Encounter: Philip Buytendorp

October 9 - November 5

Philip Buytendorp was among the first group of artists that joined our gallery in 1997. Grew up in a family of respected artists, Philip is influenced by both Impressionism and Expressionism. We are very happy to bring to you this spotlight show of Phil's new works accumulated over the past 18 months. 


Art Encounter: Ray Ward

September 11 - October 8

Ray Ward has been spending most of his time painting landscapes and seascapes inspired by visits to the west and north coasts of Vancouver Island. To him, these spaces are important because they give us the land untouched and unaffected by any human concerns. When painting these places, Ward enjoys working in unusual weather conditions as well as very particular moments of light.  In this new collection of 20 paintings, you will discover Ray’s love of the low light of winter sun, dawn and dusk, and also atmospheric effects of air thick with moisture and changing weather patterns, such as a storm passing through. Ray does not duplicate what he sees in nature, but, rather is focusing on these minute mood and atmospheric changes to interpret these scenes for greater emotional effect.


Chat and Demo: Steve Chmilar

Saturday, September 25th, 11am - 2pm

Limitless imagination and exceptionally unique vision is a gift bestowed to only a few, Steve Chmilar is one of them. On top of that, he is highly skilled and meticulous in his rendering and makes perfection a possibility. Steve will be at our gallery on Saturday September 25th from 11am to 2pm. Come and chat with this amazing artist!


Chat and Demo: Tiffany Hastie and Miniatures

Saturday September 18, 11am - 2pm

We try to arrange one of our artists to be in the gallery every Saturday from 11am to 2pm to show their set up, chat with visitors and demo. This Saturday September 18th, Tiffany Hasite will be in our gallery to show her set up and take care of your curiosity about how any one can paint this small. Tiffany is a master miniature painter that is recognized worldwide by the miniature societies. Weather is going to be lousy according to forecast, but Tiffany is going to make an effort to come down to the gallery from Nanaimo. We hope that you can make it too!


Art Encounter: Mike Svob the Master of Colour

August 17 - September 4, 2021

Standing in front of a Mike Svob painting, one sees a riot of colours. A true master of colour, form and composition, Mike Svob achieved tremendously during his 39 years as a professional artist and taught countless others. We are very happy to share with you a portfolio of Mike's newest paintings. He will also be doing a 3 hours demo on Saturday August 21st from 11am to 2pm.


Art Encounter: Jerry Markham

July 3 - July 31, 2021

Jerry Markham paints everything and never failed to surprise us. Standing in front of any of Jerry’s paintings, you feel the energy of a passionate and confident artist. His work is very loose and sometimes almost felt like undone, but it captures the essence of the subject matter rather than the specifics. To leave “blanks” opens a dialogue and leave lots of rooms for the viewer to imagine. We are very happy to present you with Jerry’s portfolio of new paintings! The show runs from Saturday July 3 to Saturday July 31.


To the Moon: Meet Mark Heine!

July 3 - July 31, 2021

As many of you probably knew from the recent news, two of Mark Heine's painting images will be included in a time capsule which will be on the first commercial flight to the moon later this year. We feel very lucky to be located near Mark's studio and be associated with world class artists like him. In July, we have set up a feature section in the gallery showcasing Mark's paintings from his Sirens series. Mark will be in our gallery from 11am to 2pm on July 21, 22, 23, 24 and again on July 31. He is very passionate and eager to talk about his Sirens series which he has been diligently working on for the past 9 years.


Art Encounter: Sandhu Singh and Liam Singh Father and Son Show

Sat June 5 - Sat June 26

When we saw Liam Singh's bird photos at Sidney Fine Art show a couple of years ago, we had a thought about maybe one day to host a father and son show for Liam and his father Sandhu Singh who is a brilliant and much loved self taught watercolourist. And now, with the hard work from Sandhu and Liam, we are finally ready to present you with this lovely show. It starts on Saturday June 5th. Sandhu and Liam will be at the gallery to demo, meet and greet on Saturday June 5th from 11am to 2pm. 


Art Encounter: A Focused Showing of Deborah Tilby's Works

Tue May 11 - Sat May 29

Deborah Tilby is interested in anything related to the pursuit of exceptional paintings. Strong paintings, says Deborah, are readable from three distances. From across the room we view graphic design. When standing in front, content emerges, and with closer inspection, the artist’s signature mark-making appears. In this focused showing, you will have the opportunity to view 16 of Deborah's recent paintings all at the same time. It will be a treat!


Gail Johnson Solo "Close To Home"

Tue April 20 - Sat May 8

For this collection of paintings, I chose the theme  “Close To Home”, which related to this past year of Covid-19 .  I narrowed my focus, and felt renewed interest in the objects and landscapes nearest to me, in my studio or literally just steps away outside.  The still life paintings depict many of my favourite things:  some I remember from my childhood, vivid flowers in vases, fruit and vegetables referencing my farming days, and other beloved objects which are in my home at present.  The more abstract florals seem to just emerge from the canvas on their own, hopefully to bring joy to their new homes.  I desire my work to be easily accessible and to reflect a sense of the goodness in life.

Oil or Acrylic paint on canvas provide inexhaustible opportunities for me to express these feelings, often using bold compositions and saturated colour.  I love to “push paint” around, exploring what will materialize on the canvas in a magical combination of intention and serendipity.

Ever fascinating for me is paint’s ready willingness to render such beauty – and its ability to transform instantly at the slightest touch of my brush  - - like liquid thought.

------ Gail Johnson


Welcome Kylee Turunen

March 23 - April 17, 2021

Growing up with the constant exposure to her artist father, Kylee Turunen picked up an appreciation and excitement for creating art. She completed the Fine Art program at Toronto's Centennial College in 2009. Since then, she has continued to develop her skills as a fine artist working primarily in oil on canvas. Kylee is driven by the desire to see what she will create next as her work is continually evolving. She recently transitioned out of realistic landscape and developed her unique impressionist and semi-abstract style. This allows her to escape from reality, creating something completely original from a place only in her mind. While she enjoys the freedom of expression involved in this process, it also brings her great joy to recreate the beauty that surrounds her using representational intricacy within her landscape paintings. 


Welcome Maureen Maryka

SAT February 20 - SAT March 13, 2021

Creativity in one form or another has always been a force in Maureen Maryka's life, either through art, music, or design. Like the impressionists, Maureen Maryka's paintings often portray visible brushstrokes, a suggestion of movement, and the idea of taking an ordinary view and creating something extraordinary from it. Vibrant colour is especially important to her, but she is careful to balance it with soft edges and quiet spaces. We are happy to have Maureen join the Peninsula Gallery family!


Exhibition of Robert Bateman Original Lithograph

SAT January 30 - SAT February 13, 2021

Enjoy a selection of Robert Bateman original lithographs including a set of "Bald Eagle Studies", some of the original lithographs have also been hand coloured.

"The process of original printmaking appeals to me because it is a human process; it involves no complex optical equipment other than my own eyes. I believe that technology often separates us from nature, and I like the idea that my original prints are made by my hand." - Robert Bateman


20" BY 20" Show for the Year 2020

Begins Saturday November 28

For many years we did not host a year end show for Christmas, but 2020 is sure different and therefore we decided to do something to put a positive spin at the end of the year! In this 20" BY 20" show that opens Saturday November 28, you are invited to view about 80 new paintings that are all sized 20" x 20". We admire many of our artists that have once again demonstrated courage, strength, patience, positive thinking and love all the way through this unforeseen time, and created some of their strongest works. We are confident that you will feel uplifted browsing through the show! In the gallery, all updated measure to keep visitors safe are being followed. If you would like to enjoy the show from the comfort of your home, here is a short video walkthrough of the show, enjoy!


Art Encounter: Gail Sibley, Gallery Goers and Other Figurative Paintings

November 10 - 21, Artist in Gallery on Saturday November 14 from 11am to 4pmand 21

Gail Sibley creates vibrant pastel and acrylic works of art. Her paintings often suggest a deeper meaning in everyday experience. This can be seen in her current theme of Gallery Goers where she explores the relationship between art and the viewer. Along with other work for this exhibition, we are delighted to showcase this new series.

Gail was born to artistic parents and brought up in Kingston, Jamaica. Her colourful palette reveals this tropical upbringing. Gail completed a BFA (Honours) at the University of Manitoba, then went on to Graduate Studies in Art History at Queen’s University receiving her MA in 1989. She settled in BC in 1994. In 2002, Gail was awarded Signature Membership in the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and in 2018 she achieved Master Pastellist status with PastelArtistsCanada. Her paintings hang in homes and businesses in many countries.

Gail will be in the Peninsula Gallery on Saturday November 14th and 21st to demonstrate her technique and chat with gallery visitors.


Art Encounter: Kathryn Amisson and Her Grand Views

October 27 - November 7, Artist in Gallery Saturday October 31 and November 7 from 11am to 4pm

Kathryn Amisson has been creating captivating paintings professionally for the past 40 years.  As one of the original thirteen artists invited to the long-celebrated Painters @ Painter’s event in Campbell River, she painted alongside the likes of Ted Harrison, Alan Wylie and Robert Genn.  It has been a remarkable journey since she started her art career as a framer for artist Peter Shostak, to becoming a pet portraitist, mastering the medium of Pastel, to moving on to Acrylic allowing her to paint grand views, leading the way to her current colourful impressionistic style.

In this highly anticipated show, Kathryn will reveal 10 of her newest pieces.  We are confident that you will be delighted to view them in person!  Kathryn will be in the gallery to demonstrate, meet and greet on both Saturday October 31 and Saturday November 7 from 11am to 4pm.


Art Encounter: Janice Robertson Show and Demo

October 13 - 24, Artist in Gallery Saturday October 17 1-4pm

Well known BC artist Janice Robertson was born on Vancouver Island, into a family with a long history of women artists. She lives in the historic village of Fort Langley with her husband, artist Alan Wylie. Since launching her professional career in 1989, Janice has received numerous awards, including the Bronze Medal in the Federation of Canadian Artists 2000 Signature Members show and the Margaret and William Foley Award at the 2001 Adirondacks National Exhibition of Watercolors in New York. Her work has sold throughout North America and can also be found in collections as far afield as Australia, Singapore, Japan, Europe and the United Kingdom. She has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists since 1987 and in 1993 was awarded the organization's highest status- Senior Signature member. In 1999 she was elected as President of the Federation. We are delighted that Janice will spend an afternoon in the gallery on Saturday October 17 from 1pm to 4pm. We look forward to your visit!


Welcome Sandy Terry and Doroni Lang

Septmeber 15 - October 10

We are happy to expand our fine art collection and have two local artists Sandy Terry and Doroni Lang joining us. Sandy Terry started painting by making a few copies of Georgia O'Keeffe's work and she is mostly self-taught, her floral and koi paintings have won many awards and she was recently featured in August/September 2020 issue of International Artist magazine. Doroni Lang has developed a strong passion in glass arts, translating the vibrancy, fragility and beauty of the natural world into glass art. She feels glass is such a perfect medium for nature - it is translucent, opalescent, flowing and fragile…like nature itself. Her unique forms of glass art are original and not seen anywhere else. Sandy Terry will be in gallery on Saturday September 19th and 26th from 1pm to 4pm. Doroni Lang will be in gallery on Saturday October 3rd and 10th from 1pm to 4pm.


Art Encounter: Sirens and Mark Heine

Show Extended Until Saturday November 14 at Victoria International Marina
Led by his vision of environmental conservation, Mark Heine has been working on his ongoing Sirens project for the past 7 years. The series now includes two books, both works of fiction in the genre of Magical Realism. His first manuscript is in the final stages of editing and it’s sequel is also underway. A brief description of the Sirens project is posted on his web site ... In combination, there are now 75 paintings in the Sirens series, many at life size of larger. Each painting, the visualization of a key moment in one of his written narratives. In this show, you’ll have the opportunity of viewing 19 paintings in person, many displayed in public for the very first time! The show is taking place at our new space at Victoria International Marina, which is located in Victoria's inner harbour on the Songhee side. Mark will be at Victoria International Marina on Saturday November 14 (the last day of the show) from 11am to 3pm to meet and greet. Don't Miss!

Art Encounter: Réal Founier and His 3D World

September 1 - 12, 2020

Réal Founier grew up in orphanage and in between forester homes. Pencil was his faithful companion in his childhood. Réal had a gift of creating characters, animals and landscapes without any model, and he never need to plan out a composition. After years of drawing and painting in his spare time in the military and as an elementary school teacher, in 1986 Réal had his very first solo exhibition which encouraged him to pursue his dream of making a living as an artist, and he succeeded! In 2007, after 30 years of experimentation by trial and error, Réal figured out how to paint in 3D, another one of his childhood dream. We are very pleased to bring this focused mini show to you which includes some large oil canvases as well as gel pen drawings. Enjoy!


Art Encounter: Richard McDiarmid "Echos and Mixed Messages"

Until Saturday August 29
Richard McDiarmid has been obsessed with painting and studying art history and different painting techniques since 1970. Now at the age 74, Richard is more productive than ever! Welcome to a mini-solo of Richard McDiarmid with a wide range of works. We have organized the show in 4 sections: from the family, music for fun, ideas from travel and the latest Abstracts, hence the show is named "Echos and Mixed Messages"! Richard McDiarmid will be in the gallery during regular gallery hours on Friday August 21 and Saturday August 22. He will be demonstrating acrylic painting, playing music and maybe also do some Tai Chi!  You can also watch a video of Richard McDiarmid walking through the show and explaining the meaning of "Echos and Mixed Messages".

Art Encounter: Mel Williamson and Yupo

We noticed Mel Williamson's works at the annual Sidney Fine Art show in 2013. One day in 2014, we were delighted that Mel walked into the gallery and introduced herself. At the time Mel still worked as a graphic designer. Neither of us mentioned about gallery representation but there was a mutual sense that her goal was to continue to develop her painting style and to create interesting paintings with consistent quality, and that one day she will be joining the gallery. During the past 5 years, Mel persistently worked towards the goal, she quit her job and started painting full time. We are very happy to finally have Mel with us and we invited her to be in the gallery to demonstrate, meet and greet with our customers. Mel will be in the gallery on Saturday August 8 and again the 15th between 11am to 4pm to demonstrate oil painting on Yupo paper. We look forward to seeing you!


Art Encounter: Sheila Mather and Gold Leaf

During Regular Gallery Hours Until Saturday August 1

For 25 years Sheila Mather worked as an independent designer/illustrator and owner of Fabric Graphics in Gastown, Vancouver. When she left the city for the slower pace of the Island, she transitioned to painting. Her earlier paintings were done in pastel. She won several major national and international competitions and was awarded Master Pastelist designation by Pastel Artists Canada. The dust from the pastels became a problem, so five years ago she transitioned yet again, this time to oil and acrylic painting, and painting on metal leaf. She mixes metal leaf colours, layers and textures the leaf and creates works which are both original and unique. Her solo show features both her oil & acrylic landscapes, and her work on metal leaf. Sheila Mather will be demonstrating painting with gold leaf on Saturday July 25 and Saturday August 1 during regular gallery hours. 


Rebirth, AGAIN

Saturday, June 6, 2020

We are finally reopening our door today at 10am! Majority of the artworks shown are created by your most loved artists in recent months, and are being revealed to the public for the first time. We hope that you can be enlightened! If you are not ready to venture out to our gallery yet, you can either watch a video of me walking through the gallery and introducing Mitchell, or you can browse through all of the new arrivals on our website on the event page. Enjoy!


Remodeling In Progress! Stay Tuned For Relaunch!

March 2020

Our gallery is closed for remodeling. As many of you may have heard that at the beginning of the year we decided to close the gallery. We have been struggling in saying goodbye ever since we made the decision. And now we are happy to inform all of you that after an awakening process, we decided to continue with the gallery! Please stay tuned for our relaunch soon and find out what's new! Of course in the meantime you can still reach us by email for any service you require: 

We wish that all of you and your families stay healthy during this unprecedented time period, and together we will flatten the curve and make history!


Special Announcement: Mark Heine The First Canadian To Win Global ARC Salon Award

July 1, 2019
Mark Heine’s painting “Labyrinth” has won the Haynes Galleries Award at the 14th
International ARC Salon competition, the largest, most influential and far-reaching competition
for contemporary realism in the world. Heine is the first Canadian to win this title, and one of
only nine artists selected to receive it for 2019-2020. This year’s Salon, presented by the Art
Renewal Centre (ARC), is the largest in its 14 year history: the competition received more than
4,300 entries from 73 countries. “Labyrinth” will spend more than a year touring as part of a
large show, which will first travel overseas to the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) in
Barcelona, Spain – where Heine currently has another painting showing – and end at Sotheby’s
in New York.

Heine was also selected as a finalist in both the 12th and 13th ARC Salons, and in 2015, the
ARC selection panel voted him the designation “Associate Living Master.”

The prestigious Haynes Galleries, located near Nashville, Tennessee, represents many of the
most renowned artists in America, including the Wyeth family. This October, the Galleries will
host a group exhibition, The Magic of Realism, which will include a number of Heine’s other
paintings, among works by some of the biggest names in American realism.

Special Announcement: Lynn Branson Recognized As Living Legend

Friday, April 26, 2019 from 5:30-8 pm at the Grand Hotel in Ocean City, MD
The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury, Maryland will recognize artist Lynn Branson with its 2019 Living Legend Award.
As an Interpretive Sculptor of wood, Lynn Branson finds inspiration in the line, form and shape discovered in each treasured piece of her chosen medium. The forms and shapes she develops as sculpture portray the living creatures of the Natural World, a World she feels a deep commitment to. Ms. Branson developed a passion for wood very early on in her life. Her first studio was a converted chicken house with straw walls.  Living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, the Ocean, forest and Alpine areas are close at hand. The habitat for wildlife is devastatingly beautiful and to Ms. Branson, fragile and vulnerable. Conveying this beauty is a main objective in her art.

Ms. Branson has exhibited internationally, earning her many awards. In 2010, she won Best in World Interpretive at the Ward World Championship with "Phantom of the Forest." Ms. Branson went on to win Best in World Interpretive again, in 2012, 2013 and 2017.  Ms. Branson received the honor of 3rd in World Interpretive in 2014, 2015 and 2018.  Lynn remains the only female to hold the title of Ward World Champion.

Robert Bateman Feature Wall: Etchings and Lithographs

December 1 - 24, 2017

Dates and Time: December 1 - 24, 2017, 10am - 5pm

Print making is an extremely versatile medium. The creation of a fine original print not only requires an exceptional artist but also a great deal of technical skills and patience. We are pleased to present 16 etchings and lithographs by Robert Bateman during the month of December.


Art Encounter: Real Fournier

June 20 - June 24, 2017 1 pm - 4 pm

Dates: June 20 - June 24, 2017, 1-4pm

During Real Fournier's five-day visit to our gallery from June 20 to June 24, 2017, he will be available to talk about his artistic approach, he will share with us his 3D works, the evolution of his career and answer any questions that you may have. He will draw on the spot a 3D work done with metallic gel pens. It is a MUST SEE!


The Tale of Ireland

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 19th, 1-4pm

We are delighted to host a major show "The Tale of Ireland" for well established artists Mark Hobson, Murray Phillips and Gaye Adams. The three of them travelled together to Ireland on a painting trip in 2015. During the past several months, they have created beautiful paintings of Irish landscape. The show will be for two weeks from Saturday March 19th to Sunday April 3rd. Opening reception will be held on Saturday March 19th from 1 to 4pm. Mark Hobson and Murray Phillips will both be in the gallery to demonstrate on the weekend of March 19th. 


Holiday Treasure Chest

Until December 24, 2015

We would like to wish you and your families the very best for the holiday season and the upcoming new year. We hope to see you soon and assist you in choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones or perhaps a long due present for yourself. Check out our Holiday Treasure Chest for great art that leaves lasting memories.


Art Encounter: Jerry Markham Special Feature

Friday, October 16 - Sunday, October 18 (Artist in Attendance on Sunday October 18th from noon to 4pm)

We will be hosting a feature showing of artist Jerry's Markham's paintings from Friday, October 16th to Sunday, October 18th to correspond with the Sidney Fine Art Show.  Visitors can meet the artist from BC's Okanagan valley at the gallery on Sunday, October 18th between noon and 4 pm. Markham, 36, has been painting full-time for over twelve years with his work being represented by galleries throughout North America. He paints a variety of subject matter including landscapes, wildlife, florals, and figures which are all included in this special feature. We always look forward to seeing what's new from Jerry as he paints such a variety of subject matter. His paintings have an outstanding quality and craftsmanship for a relatively young artist. This feature is a great opportunity for people to meet him and see his new work.


A Pilgrimage To The Future: Solo Exhibition for Real Fournier

Opening: Friday, September 4th, 3:30 pm (Beijing Time) at Today Art Museum in Beijing

After more than a year of preparation, we now proudly present "A Pilgrimage To The Future", a solo exhibition for Real Fournier in Beijing's privileged Today Art Museum. The exhibition is made possible by Today Art Museum and also Embassy of Canada in China. 49 of Real Fournier's 3D paintings will be exhibited. Definitely do not miss the event if you are in Beijing around that time (September 3rd - September 18th). The opening of the exhibition will be Friday, September 4th at 3:30pm.


Grand "Rebirth" Show

June 7th, 2014

To our valued friends and customers,

Spring is the season of changes that sets up the year’s events to look forward to, the new friends we shall make, and the memories that will soon become stories to tell.  For us, spring has already brought us many changes with the blessing of the Peninsula Gallery as well as a handful of other surprises which we would like to share with you.

By summertime, new inspiration drifts in along the fresh, warm air, and just as this wondrous season starts, on June 7th 2014 (Saturday 1pm - 4pm), it would be our utmost pleasure to have you join us for our Grand Opening in celebration of new beginnings - a Rebirth.

Not only will there be unveilings of new originals of our artists, but many of our artists will be in attendance. Refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you here! 

With regards,
Peninsula Gallery