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Amisson: "Forever Evolving"

October 14 - November 2, 2023

"My passion for the beauty of our west coast has come out in full force in this collection of pieces.

Over the years my work has evolved from a detailed replication of what I was viewing to more suggestive and less accurate renditions. This is deliberate. I am wanting to focus on the movement, the texture and the colours of the imagery. Give the observer a chance to sense the mood, feel the motion, smell the freshness without the distraction of the details that identify the location. More emphasis on one's feelings that are awakened in taking in each painting.

You can see my subtle transitioning in this show. Half of the pieces I have allowed myself to break totally free from earlier disciplines and let the paint and the texture take command on the canvas. Using tissue paper, drywall compound, and stucco patch mixed with the acrylic I manoeuvre the products in a random way to start with until there appears some suggestion as to what direction to take the piece. Such a freeing experience! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the journey I have been on to bring me to this place."

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Many Marvelous Memories by Kathryn Amisson

    Many Marvelous MemoriesKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    40" x 90" / 101.60cm x 228.60cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $10,800.00

  • Memorable Reflections by Kathryn Amisson

    Memorable ReflectionsKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    36" x 36" / 91.44cm x 91.44cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $3,900.00

  • Summer Shade of Blue by Kathryn Amisson

    Summer Shade of BlueKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    30" x 60" / 76.20cm x 152.40cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $5,400.00

  • Peppermint Fresh by Kathryn Amisson

    Peppermint FreshKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    40" x 60" / 101.60cm x 152.40cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $7,200.00

  • The Colour Wheel by Kathryn Amisson

    The Colour WheelKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    36" x 60" / 91.44cm x 152.40cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $6,500.00

  • Colourful Impact by Kathryn Amisson

    Colourful ImpactKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    48" x 12" / 121.92cm x 30.48cm

  • Just the Two of Us by Kathryn Amisson

    Just the Two of UsKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    40" x 40" / 101.60cm x 101.60cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $4,800.00

  • Moments to Ponder by Kathryn Amisson

    Moments to PonderKathryn Amisson
    Acrylic Mixed Media
    40" x 40" / 101.60cm x 101.60cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $4,800.00