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Art Encounter: Deborah Tilby Forever Classic Continues

April 1 - 21, 2023

Deborah Tilby is a true painter's painter. She stakes out territory of unique artistic qualities and her way influences and inspires many other painters of today. We know because many artists visit our gallery throughout the year, I like to ask them whose works they like and Deborah Tilby is almost always on top of the list. We interrupted our preplaned show schedule and insert this spotlight for Deborah because we recently received an exceptionally strong portfolio of new paintings from her! The display starts Saturday April 1 and Deborah will join us for a drink on Saturday April 15th. 

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Woodland Stream by Deborah Tilby

    Woodland StreamDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    24" x 18" / 60.96cm x 45.72cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $3,050.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $3,600.00

  • Indecision by Deborah Tilby

    IndecisionDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Canvas
    36" x 36" / 91.44cm x 91.44cm

  • A Long Wave by Deborah Tilby

    A Long WaveDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    16" x 40" / 40.64cm x 101.60cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $3,900.00

  • Little Marina in the Morning by Deborah Tilby

    Little Marina in the MorningDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    18" x 24" / 45.72cm x 60.96cm

  • Kayaking by Deborah Tilby

    KayakingDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    18" x 18" / 45.72cm x 45.72cm

  • An Old Friend by Deborah Tilby

    An Old FriendDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Canvas
    20" x 16" / 50.80cm x 40.64cm

  • An Early Winter Morning by Deborah Tilby

    An Early Winter MorningDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Linen Panel
    20" x 16" / 50.80cm x 40.64cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $2,400.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $2,650.00

  • Yellow Crane by Deborah Tilby

    Yellow CraneDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Linen Panel
    16" x 12" / 40.64cm x 30.48cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $1,700.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $1,950.00

  • A Sky in Pink by Deborah Tilby

    A Sky in PinkDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    10" x 12" / 25.40cm x 30.48cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $1,300.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $1,500.00

  • Wintery Pond by Deborah Tilby

    Wintery PondDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Panel
    12" x 12" / 30.48cm x 30.48cm

  • Red Boat under the Bridge by Deborah Tilby

    Red Boat under the BridgeDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Canvas
    18" x 36" / 45.72cm x 91.44cm

  • Two Little Boats by Deborah Tilby

    Two Little BoatsDeborah Tilby
    Oil on Board
    8" x 6" / 20.32cm x 15.24cm