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Art Encounter: Haida Gwaii Revisited by Richard McDiarmid

July 13 - August 6

In the year 2000 a group of nine artists including Alan Wylie, Mike Svob, Richard McDiarmid and Michael O'Toole started a series of annual painting expeditions along the rugged B.C. West Coast including Haida Gwaii, painting on location in settings, often accessible only by boat or seaplane. These were “voyages of inspiration” and the camaraderie and shared experiences, resulted in many location paintings as well as continued studio works that followed. It is with gratitude that I acknowledge, this experience was made possible by a Haida friend, his wife and son and their seventy-five foot converted fishing vessel. Now in 2022, Richard McDiarmid still reflects on this inspirational visit and the current showing of small works revisits some of the experiences.

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Near the Longhouse by Richard McDiarmid

    Near the LonghouseRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    7" x 5" / 17.78cm x 12.70cm

  • Approach Sacred Grounds by Richard McDiarmid

    Approach Sacred GroundsRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    6" x 8" / 15.24cm x 20.32cm

  • A Glance Back by Richard McDiarmid

    A Glance BackRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    8" x 10" / 20.32cm x 25.40cm

  • Still Standing by Richard McDiarmid

    Still StandingRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    10" x 8" / 25.40cm x 20.32cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $695.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $695.00

  • Spirits Rising by Richard McDiarmid

    Spirits RisingRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    10" x 8" / 25.40cm x 20.32cm

  • The Sharman's Walkway by Richard McDiarmid

    The Sharman's WalkwayRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Panel
    12" x 8" / 30.48cm x 20.32cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $795.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $795.00

  • A Strong Stand by Richard McDiarmid

    A Strong StandRichard McDiarmid
    Acrylic on Canvas
    18" x 14" / 45.72cm x 35.56cm