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Art Encounter: Introducing Josephine Fletcher

March 4 - 31, 2023

After viewing a painting by Josephine Fletcher that stood out from the crowd from an online art show, we began searching for her where about and finally found her on Salt Spring Island after some great effort and luck.

Josephine Fletcher was brought up on the island of Hornby nurtured by a group of artists. Encouraged by her family and other prominant artists of the Hornby set, she left for the Banff School of Fine Art at seventeen on a Tuition Scholarship. Then a year later studying for four years at the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver graduating with a diploma of Fine Arts.

Josephine loves the use of colour in its many varying sequences. For her, it is a life time study. After more than 40 years of full time painting, her expression of colour is effortless. Her paintings are very often plein air and completed entirely outside in nature without any further fine tuning back in the studio. One has to stand in front of her actual painting to experience her determined and passionate execution of brush strokes. She also paints powerful abstracts that were inspired by the works of Pierre Soulages.

This very special spotlight will begin on Saturday March 4. Josephine will be at the gallery to join you from 11 PM to 2 PM that day. We hope that you can be here to meet this wonderful artist and enchanted by her most recent portfolio.

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