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Exhibition of Robert Bateman Original Lithograph

SAT January 30 - SAT February 13, 2021

Enjoy a selection of Robert Bateman original lithographs including a set of "Bald Eagle Studies", some of the original lithographs have also been hand coloured.

"The process of original printmaking appeals to me because it is a human process; it involves no complex optical equipment other than my own eyes. I believe that technology often separates us from nature, and I like the idea that my original prints are made by my hand." - Robert Bateman

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Polar Bear by Robert Bateman

    Polar BearRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Printed in Four Colours
    21.625" x 33.25" / 53.34cm x 83.82cm

  • Snow Leopard by Robert Bateman

    Snow LeopardRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Printed in Two Colours
    27.625" x 44.25" / 68.58cm x 111.76cm

  • Pair of Otters by Robert Bateman

    Pair of OttersRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph
    7.75" x 9.75" / 17.78cm x 22.86cm

  • Dragon Fly by Robert Bateman

    Dragon FlyRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph
    2.5" x 6" / 5.08cm x 15.24cm

  • Frog by Robert Bateman

    FrogRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Printed in Three Colours and Enhanced with Hand Colouring
    4" x 4" / 10.16cm x 10.16cm

  • Murrelets by Robert Bateman

    MurreletsRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph
    9" x 12" / 22.86cm x 30.48cm

  • Goshawk  by Robert Bateman

    Goshawk Robert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Printed in Eight Colours
    15.875" x 33.75" / 38.10cm x 83.82cm

  • Bald Eagle Series #1 by Robert Bateman

    Bald Eagle Series #1Robert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Enhanced with Hand Coloring
    28" x 68" / 71.12cm x 172.72cm

  • Homage To Ahmed by Robert Bateman

    Homage To AhmedRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph Printed in Three Colors and Enhanced with Hand Coloring
    29.375" x 41.25" / 73.66cm x 104.14cm

  • Screech Owl in Apple Tree by Robert Bateman

    Screech Owl in Apple TreeRobert Bateman
    Original Lithograph
    8.5" x 8.5" / 20.32cm x 20.32cm

  • Bison Head by Robert Bateman

    Bison HeadRobert Bateman
    Original - Etching (88/90)
    17.75"" x 23"" / 43.18cm x 58.42cm