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Gail Johnson Solo "Close To Home"

Tue April 20 - Sat May 8

For this collection of paintings, I chose the theme  “Close To Home”, which related to this past year of Covid-19 .  I narrowed my focus, and felt renewed interest in the objects and landscapes nearest to me, in my studio or literally just steps away outside.  The still life paintings depict many of my favourite things:  some I remember from my childhood, vivid flowers in vases, fruit and vegetables referencing my farming days, and other beloved objects which are in my home at present.  The more abstract florals seem to just emerge from the canvas on their own, hopefully to bring joy to their new homes.  I desire my work to be easily accessible and to reflect a sense of the goodness in life.

Oil or Acrylic paint on canvas provide inexhaustible opportunities for me to express these feelings, often using bold compositions and saturated colour.  I love to “push paint” around, exploring what will materialize on the canvas in a magical combination of intention and serendipity.

Ever fascinating for me is paint’s ready willingness to render such beauty – and its ability to transform instantly at the slightest touch of my brush  - - like liquid thought.

------ Gail Johnson

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Take Us Away by Gail Johnson

    Take Us AwayGail Johnson
    Acrylic on Canvas
    24" x 12" / 60.96cm x 30.48cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $1,100.00
    Framed Price (Canadian Dollar): $1,250.00

  • Hold on to Time by Gail Johnson

    Hold on to TimeGail Johnson
    Acrylic on Canvas
    36" x 48" / 91.44cm x 121.92cm

  • Understanding The Day by Gail Johnson

    Understanding The DayGail Johnson
    Acrylic on Canvas
    48" x 72" / 121.92cm x 182.88cm

  • How To Be Still by Gail Johnson

    How To Be StillGail Johnson
    Acrylic on Canvas
    48" x 36" / 121.92cm x 91.44cm