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Kicking off 2024 Spotlight Season by Introducing Sue Pyper

March 16 - April 6, 2024

We are thrilled to share that our artistic journey is reaching new heights with our first spotlight show in 2024. Sue Pyper is joining our gallery after we corresponded with her for three and a half years! 

Sue Pyper's artistic muse stems from the wonders of the natural world - be it wild creatures, expansive oceans, towering trees, or rugged coastlines. As an immigrant from the UK to Vancouver Island, she brings a distinct appreciation for West Coast nature, finding inspiration in the swirling, sculptural beauty of creatures like whales, seals, and octopus. Even pebbles and seaweed captivate her with their deep colors and curving symmeties.

Currently, the creative focus involves working with ethically harvested live-edge wood from Vancouver Island. The tactile allure of painting on the wood's surface, coupled with it unique shape and grain, feels like a conversation with each piece, guiding her on what to paint. She strives to preserve the natural grain, exposing its authenticity.

Sue will be in the gallery to meet and greet on Saturday March 16th from 12 to 3pm. We look forward to your visit!

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Paintings and Drawings

  • Windswept by Sue Pyper

    WindsweptSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    24" x 54" / 60.96cm x 137.16cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $3,900.00

  • Towards the Light by Sue Pyper

    Towards the LightSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    54" x 14" / 137.16cm x 35.56cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $2,500.00

  • Erosion by Sue Pyper

    ErosionSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    18" x 19.5" / 45.72cm x 48.26cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $1,100.00

  • Forth Winks by Sue Pyper

    Forth WinksSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    31" x 15" / 78.74cm x 38.10cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $1,450.00

  • Family Gathering by Sue Pyper

    Family GatheringSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    27" x 78" / 68.58cm x 198.12cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $7,500.00

  • On the Lookout by Sue Pyper

    On the LookoutSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    14" x 36" / 35.56cm x 91.44cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $1,550.00

  • Upstream Salmon by Sue Pyper

    Upstream SalmonSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood
    16" x 54" / 40.64cm x 137.16cm
    Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $2,600.00

  • Kelp Pool by Sue Pyper

    Kelp PoolSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Live Edge Wood with Resin and Copper and Silver Inlay
    26" x 31" x 3" / 66.04cm x 78.74cm x 7.62cm

  • The Art of Letting Go by Sue Pyper

    The Art of Letting GoSue Pyper
    Acrylic on Wood with Copper and Silver Inlay
    36" x 36" x 1.5" / 91.44cm x 91.44cm x 2.54cm
    Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $4,200.00

  • The Nest  by Sue Pyper

    The Nest Sue Pyper
    Acrylic on Wood
    8" x 9" / 20.32cm x 22.86cm