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Mitchell Jones' Custom Framing

Situated within Peninsula Gallery, Mitchell Jones Custom Framing offers his 30+ years of professional experience and creativity.  Mitchell will collaborate with you on any size or type of project. He will help you narrow down the wide range of choices and styles with your personal budget in mind.

Mitchell believes that informing customers about the framing processes available empowers them to be involved in the customization of their piece. This is why he has maintained a loyal following of repeat customers. You will find competitive prices and the highest quality of service and materials available.

Mitchell’s expert design skills, collaborative approach, and specialty in unique memorabilia displays combine to create truly unique and personal-to-you finished products.

Custom picture framing can enhance and protect your treasured photographs, creations, memorabilia or valuable artwork for many years to come.

Drop into our gallery or make an appointment for a free no pressure consultation.

You can also have some fun picking out the perfect frame using this virtual frame selection tool. Simply upload your image, then go through the interesting process of picking different matts and frames, and you can even change different wall colours! With this tool, you can also email different choices of digitally framed images to family and friends or our Mitchell Jones to get his thoughts. You can reach Mitchell at

Mitchell’s Experience in Framing

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