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Malcolm Jolly

Originals Available

  • Icefloe

    Brazilian Soapstone
    15.00 x 9.00 x 10.00

 Born in England, Malcolm first came to Canada in 1967 for a summer job at Expo ‘67. He returned to his university studies in industrial design but came the following summer for a job in the Alberta oil patch. Malcolm returned to the U.K. once more to complete his degree but emigrated to Canada soon after graduating, this time to Vancouver.

Malcolm had the first of many encounters with whales while kayaking off the west coast of Vancouver Island. Thus began his fascination with these magnificent creatures. Before long, Malcolm decided to leave behind the business world and began his career as a full time sculptor. Malcolm carves wall sculptures in wood as well as smaller pieces in stone. Some of his stone sculptures are abstract works.

Malcolm’s beautiful wall sculptures of these awe-inspiring mammals capture their majestic grace and power through the masterful use of the wood’s colour and grain. His wall sculptures are frequently hollowed out, making them light and easy to hang. Malcolm also creates solid wood carvings such as "Golden Hunter" and "Eagle Bowl" as well as laminated pieces, such as "Blue Whale & Calf."

Malcolm’s pieces are unique works of art.

Originals Sold