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Robert Bateman (Prints)

Antarctic Evening – Humpback Whales (Print)

Artist's page

Offset Paper; Edition Size 950
23" x 28.75" / 58.42cm x 71.12cm
Unframed (US Dollar): $225.00

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36 x 45; Giclee Canvas; Edition Size 180; $1900.00 U.S.; 47 x 60; Giclee Canvas; Edition Size 50;$4800 U.S.

“There have been many magic evenings of the iceberg cruisethat stands out.
To catch a favorable tide on the next day, our mother ship, Adademik Ioffe ,
needed to linger in one spot for the evening. Since the sea was like glass,
and we benefited from a long Antarctic summer twilight, our cruise director
suggested we go for a peaceful after-dinner jaunt in the rubber inflatable

The hues of the sky vied with the shadows of the icebergs for a sort of
beauty contest of nature. When you gaze into a slowly-turning opal,
the colors shift and interrelate with a complexity that is impossible
to describe. It was at once glorious and subtle and ever-changing as
we glided among the gigantic towers of ice. As the sky changed so did
the water and the ice. My mind kept turning to fantastic castles from
some shildhood fairy tale.

These waters are rich in nourishment, not only for penguins and seals,
but for numerous whales. We had been seeing humpbacks almost daily,
so I added a couple of the world’s largest animals as contrast for the
majestic icescape.”