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Gary Curry and Alistair Green

Marmots (Original Art)

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28" x 14" x 11" / 71.12cm x 35.56cm x 27.94cm
Sculpture (Canadian Dollar): $15,000.00

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This 136-kg hoary mountain marmot was co-created by Gary Curry and Alistair Green. Curry is a quadriplegic, 87 percent paralyzed, while Green works with a similar restriction. Through-out their artistic journey, the two have bonded together like brothers, they collaborate mentally, physically, and intuitively, and says that the camaraderie has been their life-saver. Curry and Green have now been invited to show in countless exhibits around the world, this particular piece was shown at the Millennium Centre in Whistler during the Olympics.

Did you know that Whistler Mountain was originally known as “London Mountain”? In 1932, the name “London Mountain” was adopted, but the name was changed to “Whistler Mountain” just about thirty years later in honor of the whistling sounds that came from the marmots in the Whistler area.

Marmots are large rodents with short but robust legs, enlarged claws which are well adapted to digging and sharp incisors that allows them to quickly process a variety of vegetation. Despite their well-adapted survival skills, marmots were once considered to be endangered, especially the Vancouver Island marmots that only had a few surviving pairs. The good news is, scientists recently discovered a new colony of Vancouver Island marmots, and these lovely herbivores no longer risk extinction.

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