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Gail Sibley

Capturing Beatrice (Original Art)

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Unison Colour pastels on UART 500
10" x 10" / 25.40cm x 25.40cm
Unframed (Canadian Dollar): $625.00

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I’ve looked forward to painting this subject for a while now. (I was in the Uffizi in 2019 which is where I snapped the photo.) What attracted me was the connection between the two women. Although centuries apart, I found similarities - the elaborate hairstyle/headdress, the decorative clothing, and the intensity of looking. And then there’s the ubiquitous smartphone that reveals the Rennaissance model through the lens of the 21st century!
Attributed to Alessandro Araldi, “Portrait of Beatrice d’Este,” c.1495, oil on panel, size unknown, Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy