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Diane Thorp

 Diane Thorp has been weaving and working with textiles for over 30 years.  Before taking up the loom, Diane created gold and silver jewelry as well as paintings.  For the past few years, her work has focused on woven transparencies.  These pieces were designed to be installed as screens or on a window – allowing the views and light to flow through the work while providing some privacy.

Her current works have been inspired by a desire to take the woven transparency technique in a different direction.  This has resulted in multi media weavings that combine handwoven linen with Diane’s paintings.  In some of her pieces, the painting is almost entirely in the background, viewed through the transparent weave, with some of the painted canvas pulled through the linen threads.  In other works, handpainted pieces of canvas are stitched onto the weaving.  In these pieces, the weaving includes painted canvas in the woven work.  The warp remains the same – fine linen set at 15 ends per inch threaded on eight harnesses.  The linen is hand-dyed on the loom in increments, so that colour detail can be added as needed, with the painted canvas views that shine through the transparent weave.

‘My woven canvas pieces focus on the natural beauty of the West Coast. Tensions are balanced between abstraction and illusion, the hidden and the revealed with hard edges of linen canvas and the tactile quality of thread.’